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WESSEX - 3 Bedroom Villa

wessex villa   wessex villa  

wessex villa

wessex villa

wessex villa







wessex villa   wessex villa

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High quality photographs and clear floor plans are available in the printed Prospectus, or upon request.
Telephone 01446 760105

The Wessex is a spacious 3 bedroom villa, with a 3 ground floor patios for alfresco dining. There are 3 bathrooms and 3 double bedrooms, each with generous storage cupboards. There are 3 upstairs balconies, offering extended views across to Karsiyaka Bay.

Wellington work with imagination to ensure that our villas cannot be confused with the box-like structures of competitors. The Wessex has a long arch at the front elevation and the staircase is cleverly designed to protrude as a round tower. The evocative feature is accentuated by the curve in the Sitting Room.

As with all Wellington designs, the standard layout and specification can be modified according to a customer's requirement. Popular modications include travertine or marble floors, central heating, upgraded kitchen cabinets and electrical appliances.

The Wessex is available on our new site at Karsiyaka Bay Vista. and also at Karsiyaka Meadows, Vogue Beach View and Ottoman's Reef

The Wessex Villa harks back to earlier times when Winchester was the capital of England. At that time the River Itchen was navigable by flat bottom, small craft. The river was regularly dredged until the 14th century when the decline of the wool trade affected the prosperity of Winchester. The decline was accelerated by bans on the export and import of wool due to the plague and the Hundred Years War which ended in 1453.

Wessex is today the name of a region of England that has ceased to exist. Wellington Estates have resuscitated Wessex in the form of a tasteful, compact and elegant villa.



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