Site Layout Plan at Karsiyaka - North Cyprus Properties

The Wellington Estates site at Karsiyaka comprises some 15 donums of attractive land. There are both sea and mountain views. Twenty properties are being constructed on generous sized plots.

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Completed Properties : Nebula - Plot 3, Fantasy 3 Bed - Plot 4, Fantasy 4 Bed - Plot 19

Completed Properties are available for viewing by appointment.

Views of the sea, mountains from the site.

NOTE - This land has been purchased by Wellington Estates Ltd and the Title Deeds transferred to our name. Customers can inspect the Title Deeds and see that we are the registered owners. Unlike many competitors, we do not build on land owned by a Turkish Cypriot landowner who will then be tempted to hold customers to ransom before agreeing to hand over title deeds. In addition, we do not borrow funds from TRNC banks in order to develop property on the land. This is a common practice and banks will take out a charge or mortgage on land in order to protect their loans. Again, your solicitor can carry out a search on our land and verify for you that there are no loans or mortgages.

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