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North Cyprus Property Investment

An investment in North Cyprus property is likely to prove a most profitable move.

North Cyprus Property provides unrivalled value for money. It is the only sunshine location in the Mediterranean where you can buy a detached villa and swimming pool for less than £100,000.

If a visitor to Cyprus compares property prices in the north and the south, he/she will discover that a property in the north selling at £100,000 would be worth almost £200,000 in the south. Further afield, a similar property in Spain would sell for around £250,000.

The reason why a North Cyprus property investment provides value for money, coupled with an opportunity for capital appreciation is due to the unresolved political division if the island. This has thwarted the development of North Cyprus property market.

However, both property and land values have significantly increased recently. Land prices in 2002 were in the region of £10,000 per donum and have risen to around £50,000, depending on location. In addition, the labour costs have increased due to government controls on the influx of migrant building workers from Turkey, and the imposition of tax and national insurance regimes.

The upward pressure on land and building costs will continue, with the inevitable result of increasing property prices. If and when there is a resolution to the political problem of the island, then property prices in the north and south will equalize in a very short time period. This means that a North Cyprus property investment is a shrewd move.

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