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There has been an explosion of interest in North Cyprus Property in recent years, due to the unspoilt location, the spectacular beaches, the low cost of living, and affordable property prices.

There is a shortage of rented accommodation, especially during the long summer season and this lasts from April to October. In addition, there are many British couples who spend the winter in North Cyprus, due to the mild climate.

The 'British Scene' is significant but unobtrusive. There are very few facilities for young people who may wish to party around the clock, and most bars and restaurants have a mixture of customers. Due to the low cost of eating out, there are many restaurants which are popular for evening meals and drinks with both British residents and tourists.

While there are professional letting agencies, there are also British couples living on the island who will perform an excellent property management service. For the sake of convenience, it is often preferable to rely on someone who is living nearby. On every Wellington Estates development there are several British couples who are in residence throughout the year, and are eager to help.

There are a range of services available -

1. Finding rental customers, and taking bookings.
2. Collecting visitors from either Ercan airport in the North (£25), or Larnaca in the South(£45).
3. Cleaning the property between lets, washing and changing linen.(£20)
4. Providing a 'welcome pack' (£6)
5. Garden and pool maintenance.(£15 per month)

Renting property sounds attractive, but there are risks. In order to demonstrate to customers the high demand for rented accommodation, we offer new customers a First Year Rental Guarantee Scheme.

We will provide a professional letting Agency service during the first year, and guarantee a rental income of £8,000.

At the end of the first year, customers are under no further obligation to us.

Further details of likely rents are located on the Rentals Page



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