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Women Tourists Buy North Cyprus Property to Find Romance

British and German women visit North Cyprus and purchase property in order to have a love nest where they can discretely meet with young local men away from prying eyes and adverse comment.

It is a well known fact that men have long enjoyed the opportunity to find sexual partners during overseas trips. Some men seek casual or holiday relationships while others form long term relationships with women which often culminate in marriage. Men invariably have relationships with women who are often considerably younger than themselves.

In recent years, there has been a trend towards European women travelling to exotic locations on their own or with another female travelling companion. A popular combination is that of mother and daughter, where the mother wishes to escape from the shackles of married life in suburbia for several hot weeks in the sun.

Turkey has recently become a favoured location for UK women looking for holiday fun and romance. The tabloid press has run features on female sex tourism in Marmaris, Gumbet and Bodrum.


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While Turkey has been the focus of UK media attention, there has also been a noticeable increase in UK women tourists visiting North Cyprus with other female friends. The area along the northern coastal strip, centred on Kyrenia, is the most popular destination, but there are also groups of women tourists at Famagusta. Women are significant purchaser of North Cyprus property in both locations.

North Cyprus is separate from the Greek Republic of Cyprus in the south of the island, as the island was split in two in 1974 due to the inter communal strife between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

The North Cyprus economy is dependent on both imports and subsidies from Turkey. What interests some women tourists is the import of young Turkish men from the poorer regions of Turkey who travel to North Cyprus and work as waiters.

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Although these young men are poor by UK standards, they are tempted to migrate to North Cyprus based on an expectation of earning the minimum wage.

This is currently around GBP 400 per month. However, due to their short term migrant worker status, waiters often complain that they receive far less than this amount and are expected to boost their wages by receiving tips from customers.

These young men are portrayed as either highly sexed young studs or as abused and naïve innocents. Separating fact from fiction in tabloid magazine and newspaper reports is always difficult but the truth probably contains elements of both descriptions.

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Catalkoy Casanova

Catalkoy Casanova


Some UK women tourists apparently prefer to refer to their consorts by the use of nicknames such as The Apprentice or The Master as opposed to Mustafa or Mehmet. The young men allegedly complain of having to fraternise, dance and have sex with old and fat women, some of whom are old enough to be their grandmother.

These women tourists prefer to purchase a North Cyprus property, rather than take their new friends back to a hotel room. There is little anonymous motel style accommodation in North Cyprus and hotels normally take an interest in the room occupancy habits of their customers.

From the viewpoint of the European women, their attitude to the relationships is possibly surprising. Very few seem interested in getting drunk and having a night of passion on a sandy beach. Romance and adventure are on their minds. Most of the women cite the attention and courtesy which the young men show them as major attractions. One may presume that they receive very little of these things back home.

Women who invite young men to their North Cyprus property will often form long term relationships. However, it is unlikely that the romance will either culminate in marriage or a return of the couple to the UK. The relationship is only valid away from home.

European women are economically able to finance the purchase of a North Cyprus property, often for cash, or with mortgage assistance. Therefore in a relationship with a young Turk, they can direct and control the relationship based on their financial status. At the same time, they tend to invest time and make an emotional commitment to the young man and will genuinely try to get to know him, improve his English and possibly learn a modicum of Turkish pillow talk.

However, these relationships are fraught with dangers. Many young Turks are initially confused as to the nature of the relationships on which they embark. They serve the women tourists in bars or restaurants, engage in conversation with them, and then receive invitations to visit their property. To refuse such an invitation would be considered impolite and their employers encourage them to fraternise with customers.

Turkey and North Cyprus are still relatively traditional societies, and promiscuous relationships are frowned on. Consequently, a young Turk will struggle to understand the interest, affection and gifts showered on him by women tourists. On the one hand, he understands that the relationship will not lead to marriage, and he will find it difficult to be a ‘kept man'.

In addition, in Turkish and North Cypriot culture, people normally fraternise and marry within their own social class. He may be embarrassed at being seen in public with a much older European women and there are stories of local girls ostracising men who are ‘toy boys' for women tourists.

When the woman returns home to the UK, the young Turk may think he has gained the right to stay at her North Cyprus property whenever he likes. For this reason, handing keys to young lovers is not a good idea.

If the relationship rekindles on a return visit to North Cyprus by the woman, then she will be disappointed if she wants the relationship to be long term. Most young men want to get married, and there is social pressure on them to do so. They will inevitably marry a Turkish Cypriot of their own age on the island, or will return to Turkey and wed. In any event, the European woman may find that her investment of time, energy and money comes to an abrupt end.

When a relationship does end, the woman is consoled by the fact that she still has her North Cyprus property and that there are many new candidates for her affection in almost any bar or restaurant on the island.

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