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Karsiyaka Bay Vista Building Plots

These are the fully serviced building plots, with mains electricity, water, boundary wall, and tarmac roads.



Satellite View showing both Karsiyaka Meadows and Karsiyaka Bay Vista Sites


Satellite View of Karsiyaka Bay Vista Site - road is blue


Karsiyaka Bay Vista SIte - 8 properties of which 1 has been completed and sold. There are seven plots for sale.


Plots 1,2 and 3 have protected views to the sea due to a ravine on the eastern elevation. This means that no further development can take place to interupt their views.
Plots 5 and 6 have sea views of Karsiyaka Bay. To the north of these plots is TRNC government land.

PLOT PRICES ( and all taxes to be paid by Purchaser)

Plot One - £58,000
Plot Two - £52,000
Plot Three - £52,000
Plot Five - £58,000
Plot Six - £58,000
Plot Seven - £53,000
Plot Eight - £52,000

UK Sales Office 01446 760105

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