North Cyprus Properties at Karsiyaka

On the Site Plan below, the 3 Site Views are marked with arrows - click on your selection  
Karsiyaka Site Views Sea View Mountain View Meadow View Nearest Beach 1 Nearest Beach 2
  On the Site Plan, there are three views and they are marked with ARROWS.
  Please click on the selections below
  Meadow View
  Mountain View
  Sea View

Beach View 1

  Beach View 2

There are 5 pictures linked to this page and they are listed above. The location of the arrows indicate the positions from which the pictures were taken, in addition to the direction of the shots. The pictures were taken in March 2005. This is towards the end of Spring when wild flowers are abundant throughout North Cyprus. Although the site was cleared in November 2004, it is remarkable how quickly the North Cyprus wild flowers reclaimed their territory.

There are many accessible beaches along the shoreline. The beach photographed is within walking distance at Karsiyaka Bay. There are no tourist facilities at this beach. Beaches with facilities are some 5 minutes drive along the coast road.  

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