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Catalkoy Casanova

This is a photo of the man who has allegedly been frequenting bars and restaurants in the Catalkoy area of North Cyprus with a view to meet British women and befriending them. The Fireman's Fez and Valerie's bars are apparently some of his favourite haunts.

It was thought that Mehmet was a Turkish migrant worker, but it now appears that he flies to North Cyprus from Istanbul during school holidays. He is apparently an English teacher and has been given the nickname of the Catalkoy Casanova.

One English lady stated that in addition to his smiling demeanour, he was an excellent dancer who reminded her of Bryan Ferry. As most of us have not seen Bryan Ferry gyrating on stage, we will have to take her word for that.

Catalkoy is well known for the number of British ladies of a certain age who frequent bars either on their own or with other female companions. On the evenings when the bars have live entertainment, there are always women eager to dance with a suitable companion. Mehmet cruises these bars and often makes contact with women by offering them a complimentary drink. Perhaps it is for this reason that some women have referred to him as a waiter.

Catalkoy Casanova
Mehmet, also known as the Catalkoy Casanova

Ms Julie Rxxxx met Mehmet with several friends one Saturday night and stayed with him in the bar until closing time. By this time her friends had left and she admits having a cuddle with him in a dark corner. She was concerned about driving home after drinking and was delighted when he offered to take her back to her villa.

She said that he stayed the night, although she claimed that he slept in the guestroom. During the next week she met with him every day, and eventually gave him a front door key. Casanova is obviously a very persuasive young man.

After two weeks, Mehmet told her he had to return to Turkey to look after his sick mother, who was presumably about the same age as Julie. He further said that he came to North Cyprus to work, but that his relationship with Julie had prevented him from earning any money. This had the desired effect and Julie offered him £500 as a loan.

Needless to say, Mehmet quickly left her once he had £500 in his pocket. Her phone calls to his mobile were unanswered and she thought that he was gone forever. Julie continued to visit the bars of Catalkoy but always with a female friend, and resolved never to invite a young man back to her villa again.


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Some 3 months later, Julie was astonished to see Mehmet at the same bar in Catalkoy talking with a group of British women, and paying particular attention to one of them. Mehmet, being a true Casanova, went over to her and spoke politely to her for five minutes before returning to his new British friends. Julie was affronted by his cheek, and asked her female companion to take her home.

The next day Julie and her friend visited the Police Station and gave a full report of the matter. The Police were apparently rather perplexed and repeatedly asked 'Did he rape or rob you?'. As Julie was unable to answer in the affirmative to either charge, the Police quickly lost interest.

Julie and her friend went to see a prominent lady solicitor in Kyrenia the next day and recounted her tale of romance and deception. Julie paid an upfront fee of £300 in order to instruct the solicitor to bring the matter to the authorities 'at the highest level'. This was some 4 months ago.

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Copyright - 12 September 2008 . This article is based on the uncorroborated statements of several female residents of Catalkoy and Wellington Estates Ltd has not taken steps to investigate or verify the story nor the accusation of deception. In particular, no contact has been made with Mehmet, the Catalkoy Casanova, so we are unable to offer him an opportunity to respond to the allegation.

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