Fantasy 3 Bedroom Tower Villa - Ground Floor Plan and First Floor Plan

The Fantasy Tower 3 bedroom villa is the showcase of our North Cyprus properties. The ground floor plan shows an architecturally advanced design and stylish space layout. There is a large open plan area comprising the lounge hall and kitchen. This is designed especially for customers who wish to entertain. There is a sliding glass door from the second bedroom through to the pool patio area. The Tower area is surrounded by a large patio.

The upstairs accomodation is the same as the 4 bedroom Fantasy, and equipped to the same high standard. There is a balcony off the main tower bedroom which is wide enough for a table and several chairs. The main location for entertaining and enjoying the views is from the large Roof Terrace. There is a small hatch style door on the Roof Terrace that gives access to the covered roof area, and can be used for storage.

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